Dandelion King

Dandelion King

Dandelion Nutritional Value

The nutritional content of the Dandelion plant is exceptional. The entire plant is usable from the root all the way up to the beautiful flower, including the stems and leaves.

I especially like the tea produced by roasting the roots, but the leaves and flowers have that distinct pungent flavor as do the ilk of healthy vegetables like collard greens, spinach, chards, etc. If you think about calcium and phosphorous when eating the Dandelion, you'll understand why it has the flavor it does. You are tasting health.

The Dandelion has, in addition to fiber, the following high concentration of:

Nutrient Fact Sheet

More specifically, look at this chart on percentages and other information (Serving of 55grams):

Consequences of Dehydration

Unfortunately, most vitamin C is destroyed during dehydration of fruits and vegetables, but some vitamin A remains.

Adding Dandelion to Food

The roots are roasted to create the tea, but the leaves and flowers are easily dried and stored for reconstituting later when placed in soups, stir fry, or crumpled over salads. I would not cook dandelion into the soup, but instead, place them in the soup once the soup is already cooked. Allow the dried Dandies to absorb the juices of the soup.

Dandelion as a Survival Food

If you were lost anywhere the Dandelion lives, you could survive for an extended time by eating dandelions. I would probably nibble on dandelions while walking the path back to civilization. Toss in a few earth worms for protein and mmm mmm good! OK, maybe I'm not ready for earthworms, but in a pinch (if stranded somewhere) I could probably do it since they would be cooked and I'd hardly notice them mixed in with all the other wild herbs and flowers like Horsetail, and Lamb's Quarter. It sounds like enough to draw in a clan of pagan witches.

Having knowledge of nutrients in dandelion flowers, leaves, stems, and roots makes me think early sailors could have avoided their inflictions with scurvy had they known of this plant. In addition to storing lime fruit (which has vitamin C), they could have grown dandelions in buckets of soil. Of course, this would make a pirate ship look like a floating bucket garden. Not the most intimidating of appearances. "Arrr matey, don't ya sit there lad, ya might crush me lions! Lions tis the pirate way!"

All levity aside, I would suggest you keep dandelions around and make note where they proliferate in the event you find yourself in a disaster situation. You can quickly add them to your other resources; they could make a difference if things become critical.